Monday, February 25, 2008

My Response to Ray Comfort's "The Evolution Debate"

Ray did research on Evolution, and found it mind-numbingly boring... Presumably because he's not well-enough acquainted with science in general past the grammar-school level to understand how science knows what it knows.

Like far too many people, Ray will look at a science book -- not even one about evolution -- and his eyes glaze over as he stares at it with a blank expression, as he tries to read it. In the end, his reaction is "This is stupid! I can't figure out how those eggheads conclude anything from this mumbo-jumbo!", and he throws the baby out with the bathwater.

People like Ray Comfort have this issue with being right all the time. They will never admit that they are mistaken, or that they said or did anything that might be embarrasing. They have to keep this phoney front of integrity up when faced with highly technical subjects that they don't know how to deal with. They either make up their own answers, and hope that nobody will question them, or they try to wait you out in the hope that you'll forget about what you were discussing.

Ray Comfort does not have the common decency to simply say that he is not a science expert, and that even watered-down, mass-consumption versions of science that we find in magazines like Scientific American, are like Greek to him. He cannot admit that he is scientifically illiterate, and so he makes up answers to questions that he doesn't know, and hopes that believers will just go along with him, and that critics will be consumed researching his cryptic answers.

It's an annyoing habit, really, never admitting that you simply don't know. There is no shame in admitting that you never really studied in or participated in science, just like I have no problem admitting that I've never actually studied music and can't read a note of it.

I wonder why this community is so full of people who can't say "I don't know" when they don't know. I mean it becomes painfully obvious to people like me when they don't know, yet they keep trying to explain their way out of the discussion as though they are experts. it would save a lot of time writing messages back and forth, if people would simply start off by saying that they don't know, then we'd know not to bother continuing the conversation.

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