Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Persecution of Creationists

Is Intelligent Design getting persecuted by mainstream science?

IN short, no.

What is happening, though, is that creationists, and their intelligent design hypothesis, are not conducting actual science. If they were out there conducting actual scientific experiments, doing surveys, studying the data collected from their experiments, and having it peer-reviewed, they would be conducting science properly, and would not have to feel left out.

Unfortunately, they simply are not doing anything that resembles science. They are merely squawking and writing books that promote their opinions about evolution.

If we were talking about math, and there was a group of people crusading against algebra, or saying that calculus is a faulty field, and that their new math should be included in public school, math professors, worldwide, would treat them the same way that scientists treat creationists.

What creationists are mad about is not discrimination. They are mad that nobody is taking them seriously, but they don't want to participate in science, which is how you get inclusion in the first place.

Suppose a person walked into a police station, and said "Okay, give me a badge and a gun, I'm going to be a cop!" The police officer at the desk would most likely say "Sir, you'll first have to pass a civil service test, and then for better results, you may want to take some courses in law enforcement from a reputable institution." Creationists are the same way. They want their voices heard in science classrooms, but most of them don't even want to bother with getting a science diploma (some have, but most creationist authors don't, or have resorted to diploma mills), a job as a researcher, or even submit a paper for peer review.

So here's a hint: If you want to have your "theory" taught in public school classrooms, you should first properly formulate your hypothesis, research the facts, perform tests, then build your theory THE LEGITIMATE WAY, like any other scientist has to do for their theories. You don't just start griping and demanding inclusion. That is not how science is properly done.

We then come to the phenomenon of the creationists who feel that science is too flawed -- that because it doesnt' consider subjective or supernatural claims, that it's lacking in it's ability to trully see the whole picture. These creationists are working on trying to re-write science altogether. Peer reviews -- Poppycock! They have the Bible! Experiments? Pshaw! We have divine revelations from spiritually adept people! Empirical evidence? Nonsense! we have direct communication from God, and that should be good enough to settle any issue!

All in all, there is no persecution of creationists going on. There is legitimate science, and legitimate avenues to go from a hypothesis like Intelligent Design to theory, to peer review, to inclusion. Creationists are simply not participating in the scientific community, and deliberately making up excuses for it, rather than just going ahead and doing it. Just as you have to pass certain tests to get your driver's license, a theory in science needs to pass certain tests to be considered legitimate. If you do not pass your driving test, you do not get a driver's license, and you cannot drive a car, or get a job driving a car.
If you do not submit hypothesis and theories for peer review, your theories do not get the proper scientific backing from other scientists, and you don't get consulted by textbook writers.

All creationists need to do is conduct science properly. They have had almost 100 years to do it, and have not done so yet. Instead, they whine and gripe about persecution. They get what they deserve; they persecute themselves.


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Everyone knows Richard Dawkins eats creationist babies...

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