Saturday, February 5, 2011

Republicans and Democrats: Is one worse than the other?

Many people (well, nearly always conservatives and Tea-bagger types) often claim that “Republicans and Democrats are all the same” when it comes to dirty politics. The usual claim (often riding off a discussion of a Republican being caught doing ill deeds), is that The Democrats are just as bad, and that it doesn't matter if it was a Republican or a Democrat -- both groups are equal in terms of their slime factor.

Is this claim true? Are they really just as bad?

After some simple (and even after more thorough) research, you will have to agree with me that not only is it NOT true, but that there simply is no comparison to the level of slime in the Republican party versus the Democratic Party.

Let’s start with the worst examples of Republican abuses against the people of the USA.


All of the above is very well documented and reported on. There is no conjecture about it. The facts are part of the official Government investigation, the Nixon Library, and the Library of Congress.

Which Democratic President did anything even resembling the above? I’d certainly love to hear who the Democratic equal of Nixon is, because as far as I can tell, no Democratic President in the 20th century has even come close to the Nixon record.

The Republican “Southern Strategy”:

Now a true believer in the Republican party would obviously defend his party by either denying the racism that oozes from the party, or they will try to suggest that Democrats do the same thing, except they use the fear and hatred that black voters have for white people. Some might fall for this desperation ploy, but name one democrat running for office who ever told black voters that they were going to “keep whitey down” or “punish the white man for racism”. It simply doesn’t happen, and the republicans who use this tactic to try to say that democrats are just as racist, only in reverse, fail to address the fact that historically, Republicans have been against the civil rights act, and tend to oppose laws that attempt to ensure civil liberties.

Ronald Reagan:

Have any Democratic Presidents ever done that?

George W. Bush:

What have Democratic presidents done that’s anything like that?

When one takes all of this – the big overall picture substantiated by historical facts – and asks “how do the Democrats compare”, the answer is a resounding “There is no comparison!” The Democrats simply do not have any record as a whole of the kind of civil rights-violating criminal activity, arrests, convictions, and jail time that the republicans do. You may be able to find some democrats engaging in mudslinging, and other questionable activities each election season, but the Republican Party tends to commit criminal acts and behave like mobsters by comparison.

Bill Clinton is often used as an example of someone who was “as bad as Nixon”, but the Lewinsky scandal was no abuse of federal power, and was no attempt to violate citizen’s rights. In fact, Conservative opponents of Clinton had to pretty much make up phony scandals to make Clinton look bad. The Whitewater Investigation cost us millions of dollars, and was nothing more than Republicans trying to bog Clinton down in a phony scandal. When all was said and done, Whitewater only revealed that Clinton was the victim of an illegal land deal by Jim Mcdougal. Jerry Falwell, and other members of what I like to call “the Criminally insane branch of the right wing”, even invented a “hit list” of people that Clinton allegedly has murdered to keep them from testifying against him in the Whitewater hearings. When the list is examined, though, most of the people on it are still alive.

We can even see this desire to invent artificial scandal against democrats today, as media pundit after media pundit goes on the air and rather than talk about what President Obama HAS DONE, talk about what his COULD DO or MIGHT DO.

Anyone saying that the democrats and republicans are alike is simply wrong. Comparing the Democrats to the Republicans is like comparing school children to the mafia. The Republicans are far worse,far more criminal, and have a long history of racism and criminal prosecutions that the Democrats haven’t even come close to matching.


Lucia said...

Democrats are just as bad as Republicans because they are complicit in the crimes. They are playing their role of Good Cop to the Republican Bad Cop. They play the carrot to the Republican stick. They both work for the same people, and it is not The People that they serve, neither one.

David W. Irish said...

Can you be more specific, rather than making a bunch of unspecific generalizations? I'd sure like to know exactly what you're talking about, and what historical examples you can find to demonstrate what you say.

liutenantsalt said...
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Winston Smith said...
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Emanuel Goldstein said...

Dave! Its great to see you have a blog.

I look forward to many good times here, just like the old days.

Your Pal,


Emanuel Goldstein said...

As I was saying...

Obama has had time to get out of the Bush Wars.

And he even got us into another one!

Obama Lies, and People Die.

Obama is an Atheist, and the people who think he is Muslim are Delusional.

David W. Irish said...

Emmanuel Goldstein, what do you consider evidence that Obama is an atheist?

Do you even have a comprehension of how any president can pull troops from a war? Are you even aware that there are PROCEDURES, and VOTES in the House and Senate that would need to get done in order to pull troops from Afghanistan and Iraq? Also, do you realize that pulling out our troops before the countries are stable will only come back to bite us in the ass later?

And what specific lies has Obama told? What is your proof that they are lies?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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