Thursday, April 5, 2012

Go "F" yourself on Facebook

I decided to leave Facebook behind, and get a life. Facebook annoyed me more and more with each passing day. If I wasn't getting bombarded by detailed reports from strangers about what color pooh they just squeezed into the toilet, I was responding to morons who got their information from, Fox News, or other conservative misinformation sources. I used to blog regularly, but Facebook took all that time away. I'd scroll through the postings, only to realize that everyone was passing the same bunch of news stories around, and commenting on them until everyone was just arguing all the time.

What's worse, is that every single time I made a post that was more than a few sentences long, Facbook would stop responding, and I'd lose all of what I typed. It was really annoying. I never found a good reason to use Facebook, either. For the most part, most of what gets posted there are links that people find, videos from YouTube, and stuff that I'd eventually see on news sites.

There was also the annoying fact that Facebook was constantly evolving, and new looks and features were always being added to it. The most annoying one of these was the alert you would get while scrolling which woudl take you all the way back to the beginning of your newsfeed. It made it impossible to keep your place in the newsfeed, and I'd have to scroll all the way back again, and hope that I don't have another notification that makes me jump back to the beginning again.

The endless game requests, app requests, and "friends" who I never met, and wouldn't want to hang around with even if they were among people who I'd call friends, constantly taking up my time with trivia and "Oh, look at this hot news story", just sucked up so much time that I finally figured out that I'm better off without it. Mark Zuckerberg can kiss my ass and go to hell.

I encourage everyone to just delete your facebooks accounts. See how much time you will have to actually do stuff that you'll enjoy. See how much better life is without knowing what total strangers ate or what the latest LOLCats discovery is.

Bye, facebook. I won't miss you.

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