Saturday, February 23, 2013

Racist, Right Wing Douche Bags Won't Quit

Where Alex Jones is the undisputed king of Paranoid, Right Wing, conspiracy-mongering, bat-shit crazy, Douche Bag politics, what disturbs me more is not what he has to say, but how many people can actually watch this man in action and take him seriously, as though he is a bonafide journalist or commentator. The man is obviously and demonstrably insane, and yet has a gigantic audience who thinks he's more than just a quack. Just watch him in action against respected journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan, who only wants to ask some basic, simple questions about Jones' statements concerning President Obama and Gun Control. Jones answers nothing, and treats Morgan like a foreign spy trying find out our nation's secrets. Jones not only behaves like a complete douche bag, but he fails to comprehend any of what Piers Morgan is asking, or at least doesn't care. All Jones wants to do is promote Jones, and threaten Morgan. Several times, Jones' douche-bag behavior erupts into positively chemically-imbalanced incomprehensibility.

Even after all of the post-911 conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theories about Obama being a secret Muslim Kenyan Terrorist who wants to take your guns away and kill white people, have been thoroughly debunked a hundred times over, Jones and several other right-wing nut-jobs are going strong, with thousands of fans replicating their videos and blogs all over the internet. The above clip from CNN is one of the rare times that Jones ever appears outside of his own bunker-studio. Thank goodness not even Fox is dumb enough to take him seriously. I must even confess to relatives that take him seriously. One of my relatives watched the above video, and and thought Jones was victorious in giving Morgan "straight talk". Intelligent people, however, watching it will see a douche bag just basically insulting a man for no apparent reason.

Just when I thought all the Obama conspiracy theories were done and over with, along came the video below:

The Gun Nuts on Stan Solomon's Cable TV show ignore the facts, and simply make up their own mythology about Obama, based on nothing. They even admit that they have no actual evidence to show to back up these crackpot conspiracy theories, at least twice in this video. The fact that they have no evidence to show means there probably is no evidence at all.

These people, like most of the Right-Wing media-pundits (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al) do what is known as "stream of consciousness" radio. This is similar to Howard Stern's style of program, where there is no script, where questions and answers simply spring from the minds of the participants, and there is no prep work at all. The show essentially is a dinner conversation between the host and guests, totally free-form, and off-the-cuff. These people are so used to just speaking their minds, that they never do any research for themselves. Their facts are nothing more than their opinions, and their evidence is the size of their audience multiplied by their shows' advertising revenues.

It's amazing to me that anyone can listen to these people make up all of this nonsense about Obama, even after nearly all of it was debunked before he even became president. Listening to them, it's clear that they either live in an alternate universe of their own, or they just shun new and information altogether, and listen only to their own fears and paranoias. It's hard to believe that not just their listeners, but they, do not consider themselves to be racists, in spite of promoting their "race war" theory, which is nothing more than the same exact race war theory that Nazis and Klansmen have been promoting for decades, just with the Nazi and KKK references removed.


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