Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Debates someone else...

I'm seriously disappointed in the Vice Presidential Debate of October 2nd, 2008. Yeah, I'm disappointed that Sarah palin did not give us more vapid moments, as she's given us for the last month or so. Keith Oberman of MSNBC has a collection of her most vapid moments Here. Check them out, as they give you a comprehensive idea of just what a dumbass she really is. I'm disappointed that she just stood there with her beauty-contest vapid smile glued to her face, as though this were just another chance to charm a bunch of men who see her as a piece of meat. I'm disappointed that she didn't answer a damn question that she was asked -- yeah, in a way I'm disappointed that she didn't do a good job of actually debating, and that she didn't surprise me. I mean, every question she was asked was given a patented pre-written-and-memorized talking-points answer, just as though she spend the last few nights cramming and memorizing a bunch of specific answers that her handlers have been writing for her. It sounded just like that, too -- not spontaneous at all, just like a kid in grammar school blurting out a memorized paragraph.

The only thing that had me laughing was her yokel way of speaking, like I was watching Margie Gunderson from the Cohen Brothers movie, Fargo. All the "Yah. You Betcha" and "gosh darn" was so quaint that it made her appear to completely lack any sense of modernity. She was like June Cleaver on prosac, only without brains (June Cleaver was actually a well-educated, smart character).

What I was disappointed about was on so many levels that I can't pick just one. I mean, I wanted to see her either have a mental meltdown and look like a dumbass, or I wanted to see her suddenly, and uncharacteristicly actually be sharp and incisive, but what we got was less than either extreme. I could feel Biden's frustration as she just kept saying what sounded like the same 3 or 4 paragraphs over and over again, never actually answering any questions, as though she was oblivious to what was being asked. I kept wanting him to jump out of his character and say "Are you going to answer any of these questions, or what? I kept wanting to see him pulling his hair out, like I was about to do, every time I heard her piercing voice saying "Maverick... Maverick... Maverick".

After the debate was hilarious. Right wing bloggers, media pundits, and others, proclaimed that "she held her own", and actually said that her debating skills were great, "because she successfully avoided answering the questions she didn't want to answer." Since when is not answering the questions you're asked in a debate a sign of strength?! Pat Buchanan, sexist as ever, on Keith Oberman's show, commented that she won because of her good looks and smile. Yeah, that's pretty much what he said. It's hard to believe that American political debates have become so vapid, provincial, and just plain dumb. It was embarrasing watcing a debate between a college educated long-time US Senator, who is respected by many world leaders whom he has met, and a college drop-out who has been hastily groomed and propped up like a new Barbie doll, completely unprepared, completely outclassed, and completely incompetent. Who would even consider pairing such an uneven match? Oh, yeah... I just remembered. Most viewers are dumber than Palin, and wouldn't know that she evaded any questions if they had it pointed out to them. Oh, well... I doubt that Palin has helped McCain's campaign at all. He will lose. Perhaps he wants to lose, because he can't bear the pressure from his party anymore, and he's just sick of it all. Perhaps he chose Palin because he knew she'd prevent him from winning. Let's wait and see!

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