Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My response to Ray Comfort's "Dying Dogs"

Ray Comfort wrote:
There is a temporary disadvantage for the Christian in that he or she is
confined to having to always speak the truth. In a sense, we have to fight with
one hand tied behind our backs. However, there are no holes barred for those
that don’t fear God. Their weapons of warfare are lies, exaggerations,
statements made out of context, hearsay, rabbit trails, misquotes, and false
accusations. The unsaved fight against the claims of the Gospel because they
love their sin and distain God's righteousness. They are a like a dying dog
stuck in an ice cold river, who viciously snaps at his rescuer. Let them bite .
. . we will still reach out while there is hope.

I am extremely curious as to why you think that Christians are disadvantaged having to speak the truth. Are you using "speak the truth" as a figure of speech, as in "you always have to preach the word of God", or are you simply using it like I interpret it -- "you always have to be truthful and be frank and honest with people."

See, I wonder why this is a disadvantage for you, as opposed to an advantage, because I believe that it's simply the best policy, and I endorse it. I don't feel it's a disadvantage to tell the truth all the time. I try to.

Why on earth is "telling the truth" like "fighting with one hand behind your back"? If that's how you see it, then surely, you must not have confidence in the truth you are telling.

You then say something that I find extremely ironic. You claim that "Their (the unsaved, presumably atheists included) weapons of warfare are lies, exaggerations, statements made out of context, hearsay, rabbit trails, misquotes, and false accusations. Why do I find this ironic? Because I see these "weapons" as you call them, used ALL OF THE TIME by the people who are claiming to be on God's side of all the issues. Whether it's Karl Rove, George W. Bush, Rumsfeld, Pat Robertson, or any one of the people from the Discovery Institute and other creationists, I see lies, half-truths, misquotes, and false accusations being told with just plain ordinary lies all of the time. This is why I have contempt for them -- because I detect the lies, and remember them. I actually check the facts, and find that these people are untruthful more than the people I tend to side with.

So basically, you're claiming that people like me lie, and mislead all the time. Gee, Ray, thanks a bunch! You're really writing very stereotypically, and that is trully what your main problem is.

Oh, yeah, and I like the added touch of comparing all unbelievers to dying dogs. First you compared us all to pigs a few blogs ago, now we're dying dogs -- and you wonder why you haven't had a lot of luck with atheists.

Maybe you should get off of your high horse, and speak about atheists as though we're your fellow human beings, instead of the bad animal of the week.

I mean, Ray, if I were to constantly compare Christians, or you, personally, to dogs, pigs, vultures, wolves, or other animals, would you think I had anything valid to offer you? I don't think you would.

Your own bible says "By THEIR Fruits You Shall Know THEM. By YOUR Fruit We Shall Know YOU." This works two ways. By your fruits, we know you. If you keep up your trash-talk against atheists, they are going to see that you only have trash to offer them.

I really hope this sinks in, Ray, because there are thousands of Christians who trash-talk against their perceived enemies all the time, and they look like ignorant idiots as a result -- I seriously hope you seek to separate yourself from people like that, because the more stuff of yours I read, the more it looks like their stuff, albeit, a tad more polite.

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