Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Response to Ray Comfort's "Cheated Atheists"

Ray Comfort wrote:

"I love thunder and lightning, especially when a boom is so loud that it makes
the house shudder. I love to see massive lightning flash across the sky, and
make a pitch dark night as light as noon day. I love it because it puts the fear
of God into me, and the fear of God is good for any human being."

I love thunder and lightning, too, Ray. I love sitting out on my porch in Tucson, Arizona, watching the lightning strike nearby A-mountain, which is right across the street from me. I am not afraid of the lightning. I learned in science class when I was a kid that you don't need to fear the lightning, because it tends to strike the tallest objects, and if you're in a building that's properly grounded, you have nothing to worry about. I am fascinated by lightning because it's like fireworks. It's a great spectacle, created by nature. Why do you fear lightning? Most people who are struck by it survive.

Then Ray goes on to write:

"The atheist has convinced himself that God didn’t create creation. For him
“creation” doesn’t exist, because if he calls it creation, logic demands a
Creator. We are instead surrounded by “accidentation” (yes Mr. Atheist, I just
made up another word, especially for you). Everything is a big accident. No one
caused it and no one is in control."

But Ray, haven't enough atheists already told you that that's not at all what we think? Nobody who believes in evolution or in standardized modern science in general would describe everything as being accidental or random. Nothing in nature is caused by accident or by chance. Everything has a cause. If people cannot locate the cause of something, due to a lack of information or evidence, we either say "God did it", which is just a mde-up excuse, open to many interpretations, or we say "we don't know, but HERE are somepossible answers...", which is more honest.

I know, you'll probably say "well, what caused the universe? It had to had to be caused by something!" I would aanswer you by saying that we currently don't have enough information to give an answer to that question. God is nothing more than a speculative answer to that question, and does not help us understand anything about the universe. It's just an artificial dead-end.

Ray goes on to say:

"So when he hears a boom of thunder, or sees an incredible flash of lightning,
the thunder doesn’t awaken him and the lightning doesn’t give him light as to
what is going on."
Well, I'll confess that I've slept through many a
thunderstorm, Ray. but I attribute that to how tired I was at the time, as
opposed to being afraid of God's wrath.
"He, because of what is called
“willful ignorance,” cheats himself of perhaps the greatest of all benefits in
this life—the fear of the Lord, which is “the beginning of wisdom.” Without
having the “beginning” of wisdom, he will keep thinking that nothing created
everything from nothing. Such thoughts only make sense to someone who hasn’t got

Ray, I'm going to say right now that it appears to me that you don't make sense, yourself. You confused yourself over this issue, as do many creationists, because you refuse to accept science for what it is, and you made up a nonsensical answer that just came out sounding more confused. In the end, you only ended up not making sense yourself, and revealing what a terrible, terrible ignroance you have about science, about atheists, and about rational debate.

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