Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Response to Ray Comfort's "Thought Provoking"

Ray Comfort wrote:

"If there was an announcement that a massive asteroid was going to hit the earth in one hour, what would you do with your last sixty minutes?"

As of this writing, not one person has even given thought to trying to survive, or trying to protect anyone during the disaster. it's like you have just given up -- you've reserved yourselves to the fact that this is the end, and you're all going to die. You essentially would just give up hope, and plan for the inevitable end.

What I would do, and what people really should think about, is finding shelter, preferably an underground one, and having some basic supplies on hand. An asteroid hitting the earth is not unlike planning for a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a flood, or a nuclear war. They all essentially call for the same "disaster recovery kit" (food for a week, first aid, protective shelter, clothing, survival manuals, fuel for fire and cooking...

One never knows in advance exactly where an asteroid will hit. The chances of survival increase away from the epicenter. Remember, the earth has been hit by devastating asteroids in our prehistory -- the impact craters can be found in different places on earth, and their size indicates that when they hit, upwards of 70% of anything alive would have died. The point is that life survived on after these impacts, and it's possible that life can survive after the next one.

Sure -- life will be less pleasant after an asteroid impact, but it's like that with any natural disaster -- you have to adjust to things.

You never are sure that it's the end. There is always hope. You seem to have less of it than I do.

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