Monday, July 21, 2008

Questions about Uncommon Descent's Mission Statement

The following is Uncommon Descent's purpose statement on their blog. It raises a few questions which I am daring to ask them. I doubt there will ever be answers to these questions, but if there are any ID Proponents who wish to provide answers, I'll gladly discuss them with you. When providing answers, I would appreciate specific links to specific sources which back up what you're claiming, especially where you think it has the best impact.

Here goes:

"Materialistic ideology has subverted the study of biological and cosmological origins so that the actual content of these sciences has become corrupted."

Okay, so answer me this:

(1) What content of science has been corrupted by "materialistic ideology"?

(2) When did this corruption start?

(3) What parts of which sciences have, traditionally used non-materialistic elements? (remember, "traditionally" means that it was done that way for generations)

(4) Can you give specific examples of a science discepline that successfully used non-materialistic elements in the past, which was "subverted", becoming less successful, and provide a historical context under which it happened, as well as list the actual negative effects of the corruption?

"The problem, therefore, is not merely that science is being used illegitimately to promote a materialistic worldview, but that this worldview is actively undermining scientific inquiry, leading to incorrect and unsupported conclusions about biological and cosmological origins."

(1) Saying that the conclusions are incorrect and unsupported suggests that you know what the correct conclusions are, and you have plenty of support for them. PLease explain.

(2) PLease give examples of scientific research that has been undermined by materialistic worldview, and what specific scientific progress has been hampered, and how it was hampered. Please give specific examples.

"At the same time, intelligent design (ID) offers a promising scientific alternative to materialistic theories of biological and cosmological evolution -- an alternative that is finding increasing theoretical and empirical support. Hence, ID needs to be vigorously developed as a scientific, intellectual, and cultural project."

(1) Can you give examples of the progress of the support of ID? Specifically, which scientific advancements has science benefitted from that are the result of ID research?

(2) Please list some specific research that ID proponents have done which have resulted in positive empirical support for ID.

Thanks in advance if you attempt to answer!


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