Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ray's "Empty Threat Of Hell"

Once again, Ray just doesn't get it, and rather than use actual statements that actual atheists make on a subject, he decides to just make up what he imagines atheists are thinking, because it's much easier for him to talk to himself than have an actual 2-way conversation.

In Ray's Bizarro-world, atheists couldn't possibly make their decisions based on logic and rational thinking, because if they did, they would have to agree with Ray on everything, because Ray is allegedly a logical, rational-thinking person.

Yeah, in a pig's eye!

Ray thinks that atheists deny Hell merely because we don't like the idea of it. Of course, he gets this notion not from reading what atheists have to say for themselves, but from what other dogmatic Christians have said about atheists.

No Ray, We don't simply deny Hell because we just don't like the thought of all that eternal torment going on. We deny it because nobody can offer any rational, logical proof that such a thing is real.

Yeah, I know it's hard for you to conceive of people who don't accept the Bible as 100% God's only truth, but we don't. We actually have read it, were not impressed with it, and have a standard of proof that is more sophisticated and accurate than yours. I mean -- I don't believe whatever is in an ancient book just because it's ancient, and just because a bunch of people are obsessively compulsive about promoting it.

Now I know it's hard for you to conceive that people can read the Bible, and NOT be immediately compelled to drop to their knees and start asking God to please not burn or kill them, but well, we exist.

It's must be terribly, terribly difficult for you to conceive that there are people who don't accept what you claim is "obvious" to you. Well, not everyone sees what you do the same way.

You cannot conceive that your are irrational.

You cannot conceive that you are illogical.

You cannot conceive that you are not very intelligent.

These flaws in you will continue to make you a sort of laughing stock, and continue to hinder the prospect of convincing anyone other than people who are already beleivers.

It's not hard at all, by the way, for me to conceive of the opposites of theses things -- that there are people who can read the Bible and come away from it totally believing it, and being totally obsessed with pushing it on everyone else -- Gullible, obsessive-compulsive, feeble-minded people have been a historical reality, as they are today.


Pocket Nerd said...

His odd views of justice notwithstanding, Ray seems to have a mean hate-on for atheists.

Is this a popular subject among his acolytes, or does he just enjoy pissing off the unbelievers?

David W. Irish said...

I think he thrives on the attention he gets from us.

He loves having an audience, and being the authority figure. I think I might join a boycott of his site, but I'll definitely post any of my prospective replies in this blog.

David W. Irish said...

Here's my Other website.

David W. Irish said...

I successfully posted a link to my website on Ray's blog! He really doesn't do a good job censoring. I guess if enough messages have to be approved, he just skims through them. So from now on, I will not post replies to his blog at his site. I will instead, post a short message with a link to my blog's reply.