Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ray Comfort continues to just not get it.

Well, Ray Comfort continues to just not get it, despite what we've told him over and over.

Ray comfort wrote

(Presumably an atheist from his blog wrote):

Atheists, don't hate any god, fairy, leprechaun, unicorn or other fictional being. It's impossible to hate something that does not exist. Try to get this burned in your mind this time. Repeat it a few thousand times if that helps."

That’s right. Atheists don’t hate fairies, leprechauns or unicorns, because they don’t exist. It is impossible to hate something that doesn’t exist. And that makes the point. You hate God because He does exist. You spend your time thinking about Him, then arguing about Him, then blaspheming His name (what greater hatred can you have for a person than to use their name as a cuss word?), and showing contempt for, and ridicule of, those that love Him.

Ray still just doesn't get it. I can't believe he's ranting about this again. Ray doesn't seem to understand that the argument we atheists tend to have is not that God exists or doesn't exist, but that the people who promote God have a strong tendency to be IDIOTS. God says nothing. He does nothing to incur the wrath of atheists any more than the wicked witch of the west. Again and again, I have emphasized the point that it's not God that we have a beef with. It's some of his followers -- those few extremists, who are priggish, ill-mannered, unable to deal with criticism, unable to self-examine, ignorant, shouting, spitting weasel-like people living in their own esoteric universes -- these people have very ill-mannered, impolite, and outright RUDE ways of communicating their message. God is harmless and inoffensive. It's the people promoting him that incur our ire.

Ray wrote:

You have the axiomatic evidence of creation and of your conscience, and you are therefore without excuse. By professing the blindness of atheism you are denying the God-given light that He has given each of us.

Well, so what? Is Ray trying to say that he can't deal with criticism? Is he trying to say that if we call HIM an idiot, or a moron, it's an insult to God? Ultimately, Ray is playing this game where it's okay for him to deny and denigrate our beliefs, but if we touch his, it's persecution. In other words, this is a two-way street. If Ray can't take it, he shouldn't dish it out.

There are some cultures that will show so much contempt for a family member that has wronged them, they actually deny his existence. They refuse to acknowledge that he existed as a son. They don’t want to see him, hear from him, or talk to him. That’s what the professing atheist does with God, and his or her reason for doing so is moral. It’s not intellectual.

So let me get this straight. If I think that God does not exist, and my reasons for not believing him are that (a) his followers are logically inconsistant in their promotion of him, (b) the concepts from the Bible do not logically mesh with known scientific realities, and (c) most of the arguments used to support the existence of God are fallacies, then my reasons are moral, and not intellectual?

Well, that's the kind of reasoning you get from people like Ray. He has a dozen atheists write to him each day, and tell him the same thing, so he ignores them, and tells them that they really don't believe in God because they just want an excuse to have care-free sex (he didn't say that here, but on his blog, he tends to follow the "moral issue" comment with an explanation about atheists and Darwininsts using science or atheism as an excuse for wild sex). He's definitely got a one-track mind.

Ray continues:

If it was an intellectual issue there wouldn’t be any argument.

Yes, because we all know that no true intellectual can disagree with Ray Comfort's powerful reasoning. After all, Ray is the epitome of the word "intellectual", isn't he?

Ray finishes with:

But because you love your sins and you know that God requires an account for every action and every word (including your thought-life), you can’t stand that thought, and so you deny His existence.

See what I mean -- we "love our sins" (that's a buzzword for "wild, adulterous sex" in Ray's vocabulary). Despite the fact that we've given him plenty of rational, logical, and scientific reasons to doubt Christianity, and usually mention that one of the biggest turn-offs are the utter twits like Ray who promote a bizarre version of it, none of that means anything. Ray won't listen to anything we have to say, because he has made up his mind what goes on in our minds, for he has his Bible to tell him what we think. Is it even possible for Ray to simply accept what we have to say for us, or is he going to continue to play the "I know what you really think" game?


Milo said...

Ethan wrote one comment that atheists had the idea that there was safety in numbers and on Judgement Day we believed we would have an angry mob of atheists to confront God.

When I called him on this he totally ignored the question. It seems to be one of their themes that people who say they do not believe in God actually do believe.
How stupid do you have to be to think atheists are planning a counterattack to God's judgement?

Pocket Nerd said...

Wow. I just took my first really good look at Comfort's blog; it really IS just a heap of atheist-baiting, isn't it? He sure seems to have a mean hate-on for us. And hey, according to RayLogic™, if he were really sure he were right, he wouldn't feel compelled to talk about it...

Still, I think I'm just about done paying attention to Ray Comfort. I don't know whether he's a cynical con man fleecing the flock a la Bob Tilton, or a genuinely nutty True Believer, but either way, he's a raging egomaniac; my attention only feeds his vanity and pollutes my own karma.

Pocket Nerd said...

How stupid do you have to be to think atheists are planning a counterattack to God's judgement?

See, there's something else I never got about the story of Lucifer as a rebel angel. Why would you rebel against an omnipotent being? What could one accomplish? Satan was YHVH's right-hand angel, so he would know better than anybody else the Big Guy is a priori eternal, omniscient, and utterly invincible.

Maybe Lucifer's real role was to be God's plausible-deniability flack, like Oliver North... :)

David W. Irish said...

Ray is pretty much rejecting every post I make, even when I don't post a links in it. I got a couple of link-postings through, but as usual, he's posting lots of small articles to make the posts of yesterday go off the fist page, so people forget about them.

GamingAsshole said...

I guess we Atheist do believe in God after fact, I just talked to someone who tried to convince me that I had to be a Calvinist to be a true American. How bizarre.